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Peel Park

By  CJ Boom     17:24     
Photo: Andy Waterman - Bradford National Trophy 2009

A 56 acre urban green space in the area of Bradford, that is Peel Park. Complete with ornamental fountain and children's play area.
But more importantly it has a significant enscarpment that the Victorians built a terrace along the top of with set of steps leading up to said terrace.
Well it makes for a very great epic suffering cross race.
Peel Park is the closest Britain is ever going to come to a proper International level cross race. It is the cross course to which all other courses try to emulate. Other parks whimper at its incredible powers to create a technically challenging course that will wear you down physically.

The steps are tall. The descents are vicious.
The wind on the top of the course is angry
The road climb is heart breaking
The sprint along the terrace is a crowd pleaser
A lady brings her candy floss van
A man brings his burger truck
There is always flithy northern mud that makes you slip and slide

Bradford National Trophy - you are my mountain.
Only 9 sleeps until we meet again.

Cheryl King has a good photo set from last year's race.


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