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Tour de Bunt - Day 3

By  CJ Boom     16:47     
We had plans for a long ride out to the peaks. But deicded to change our plans once we knew there was a possibility of riding with Rapha Condor Sharp and sampling the delightful cooking of Masterchef John Herety.
We up sticks changed our route and decided to see what the cakes shops where the pro team ride are like. Bad times were that one of their stops was closed so we had a rubbish cake in another place. But it was on this route we did visit the Peak View Tea Room. That was an AWESOME cake. I want to drive 3 hours up the M1 just for that.

Day 3 - Peak View tea rooms on the Cat & Fiddle Surrounded by teapots. Table of cakes down the middle of the room.

Humingbird Cake
Peacan, banana, pineapple, butter icing, 2 layers.
Pineapple is lower layer which has a crystalised texture

Claire & Curley
Cake - 5/5 full of flavour, moist, not too much. Curley fan of crystalised pineapple
Service - 5/5 classic tea room, plenty of choice, good setting, service with a smile. ( free gummy bears)
Price - £2.50 5/5

Knutsford Wine Bar
Curley and Dan

Chocolate Fondu £5.95
Honeycomb, doughnuts 2x variety, choc brownies, fruit skewers.

Cake - 3/5 not as good as humingbird, different but wouldn't ever order it again
Service - 3/5 had a bit of a wait, but the man was friendly and he offered more honeycomb to soak up chocolate
Price - 2/5

Rum, mango Pavlova £5.95
Cake - 4/5 pushing the limited of cake. Nice taste, easy to eat and lovely coconut foam
Service -3/5 slow
Price - 3/5 reasonable

Petit Delice - Wilmslow
Curley - £1.85
Almond Crossiant
Cake - 2/5 bit disappointed, too crispy and dry
Service - 2/5 waiter walked off
Price - 2/5

Claire- Tarte de Cherise £1.95
Cake - 3/5
Service - 2/5 forgot to bring water
Price - 3/5 fair price

Benji - Almond Pain Chocolate £1.95
Cake - 3/5 because it's not carrot cake
Service - 2/5 bit on slow side, and no French people and didn't get a basket. Lots of negatives
Price - 3/5 not too bad, bit nor is it free

Dan Craven
Toasted Almond Crossiant £1.95
Cake - 1/5 didn't like it toasted would rather it googey, went too flakey
ervice - 1/5 should have gone to starbucks. Messed up the order
Price - 3/5 not too bad


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