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Spesh Fairy

By  CJ Boom     22:20     

The Specialized fairy came to visit, ahead of the cyclo cross season. He brought me a sick patent styled S Works shoe and a couple pairs of womens ridge glove.
The Ridge is a simple but excellent. Thin upper mesh, comfy, nice pink gripper accets and a bit of padding on the palm not too bulky for rapid hand position changes.


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  1. Blummin nice shoes. Jealous.

  2. those shoes are ace! out of curiosity what size are they, as I saw they usually only start at size 6, and im a uk 5 and would LOVE some of those sick new flouro yellow ones.... strictly for posing :)

  3. I'm size 6. Fits well, alittle roomy in the toe box, but I wanted it like that. I had some Spesh Pro Carbon's before (without the Boa) and I like the fit. Sidi fitted well too and more snug on the toe but in really cold cross races and weather I like to be about to wiggle my toes a bit to keep them from going too icy.

    Love fluro but doesn't match my kit - sad face

  4. ah cool, good to know.... yeah im currently a 6 in sidi but they are def snug around the toe... might have to try a pair of these.... they look pro as hell which is always my primary concern for gear hehe.