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Tour de Bunt - Day 1

By  CJ Boom     15:10     
A good start to the first day. I scored 2nd in a prime in the race but didn't manage to make the podium on the final sprint. Kinda annoying though least I had some fine cake eating to look forward to.

Firstly it was over to Denstone and the 9 miles wasn't too bad on the legs. Met up with Chris Sidwells from Cycling Weekly and Curley and I explained to him about the ride.

Below are the cake highlights
Day 1

Weather on and off, sunny with strong headwind to end
Courgette Cake
Cake - 4/5 juicy raisins through the sponge
ervice - 3/5 got it brought out to us
Price - 4/5 £4 incl cap

Orange and Raspberry
Cake - 3/5 went down well, interesting combo, good flavour
Service -4/5
Price - 4/5

Chris- rocky road with espessro


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