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By  CJ Boom     15:47     
I read a study
regarding our ability to lie
and how it showcases an accelerated aptitude
the younger it takes hold.

Children who lie and get away with it
are rewarded as they lie with a direct goal in mind.
Children who lie and don’t get away with it
are punished
and learn to lie better and more effectively next time.

Thus we are left to raise a flock
of fast-paced liars
rewarded every time they fleece an honest soul.

The questions not asked in this study :
Why do we surround our children
with goals worth lying for?
And moreover, why do they feel their
role models are worth deceiving?

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  1. But could you imagine how awful the world would be if nobody ever lied? Everyone lies, it's part of who we are. Also worth remembering deception occurs throughout nature too.

  2. White lies go a long way. I don't disagree. Its needed.