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Tour de Bunt - Day 2

By  CJ Boom     15:29     
It was a hard day in the saddle, headwind was vicious. There was wind and rain we switched the rides about and headed south to Barton Marina and then looped round the Breedon.
The headwind was constant and we couldn't hide from it even on the way back. We did spend quite a bit of time in Barton Marina talking to old people. They wanted to know alot about where we'd ridden and what we were up to.
They then kept coming up with suggestions of tea rooms which was appreciated.
There was a problem with a slice of cake served to me at the Marina my slice was significantly thinner than and cost me more than Curleys so I complained. The problem was sorted they probably spat in my icing though.

I had a terrible slice of Lemon Drizzle cake so disappointed was I that I smashed my fist into it. In hinde sight I should have got up and bought another slice of something else but the queue had become massive.

Barton Marina -
Weather - drizzly, headwind, cooler temps
Ginger and Lemon with butter icing.
Butter icing sweet,
Sponge gingery and moist
Lemon curd - good but fluro -

Basically 2 cakes in one -

Extra layer of sponge.

Cake - 4/5 - didnt like fluro and maybe sponge alittle dry
Service - 3/5 had some issues but was sorted straigt away
Price - 3/5 ambience, setting very nice and you get a decent portio

£5.15 incl cap

Cake - 3/5 - lacking moistness
Service - 4/5 less price and got more cake
Price - 3/5 had the same for less elsewhere

Sun finally out but very gusty

Curley - caramel slice £1.75
Cake - 5/5 alot of good cake for your money
Service - 3/5
Price - 5/5 for £1.75 you can't go wrong

Claire - lemon drizzle £1.75
Cake - 1/5 not a hint of lemon, huge let down basically plain sponge. Should have offered cream or something with it
Service - 3/5 usual tea room ladies
Price - fair bit of sponge at not a bad price


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  1. Wind ... rain ... welcome to Summertime 'up North'