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By  CJ Boom     22:09     

I've not got many superstitions, well I have none I have mostly routines that I like to stick with. One is to wear my pink framed Oakleys for CX because they have a clear lens and then I don't have to mess about with sunglasses instead of getting ready to race.

Another is to keep my gloves in a special place in my bag so I can always find them.
My gloves are a pair of Specialized MTB gloves and these ones are lucky. They aren't my lucky pair of gloves they are lucky to still be existence. Four seasons have past and those little £20 things won't give up. Their staunch refusal to be put in the bin is admirable.
I like them because they fit me right, aren't to hot, aren't to cold. The padding is just right and they dry up nice and quickly when they get doused in mud.
As the years have past a not much remains constant, tyre fads come and go, shoes start to stink but these thin bits of mesh with 'reinforced Micromatrix synthetic leather palms' have fought to keep my hands from rubbing against the bars in every cross races I've ridden since year dot.

Then suddenly at the first race of this season, some, nothing-mid-weeker the tip of my finger burst through a small hole in the material. I felt the cold metal of my shifter on my finger tips and it shook me to my core.
My gloves appeared to have finally given up, and without warning, splitting under the pressure of all those gear changes. A slight twinge of sentimentality hit me but then I realised my routine would be compromised.

Some alone time with a needle and thread gave me hope that I could eeek out their existence for one final blow out season. The season when they actually get to taste Belgian soil.

My fingers are crossed.

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  1. I can totally get this Claire, my knog longfingereds split a few days back, I've stitched them up too but they feel different.

    Good luck in Belgium!!!

  2. Welcome back Boom :)

  3. well did they last


  4. oh I as a person who loves to go biking in an amateur way, not a professional way of course, it happens to me a lot and I tried to fix my gloves too, but it doesn't last for long I have to buy a new pair from time to time