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By  CJ Boom     07:56     

This is the course for Thursdays GVA Koppenberg Cross.

Perhaps an idea that wasn't such a good one as its one of the hilliest courses I've ever seen. And I prefer power climbs not drags.
That said its 2 hours from Calais and closer to go to than a few races in the UK.
So while the Team ViCiOUS crew are prepared to help me out, I'm going to go out there and try my hardest.
I feel like I've gone back in time by four years, 2008, Bradford National Champs
I was so nervous, I wasn't gridded as I had no recognised points, I was so worried that as Helen Wyman came past to lap me I'd get on her way and she'd get cross (luckily that didn't happen).

I've set myself some goals.
Top 30
Don't get lapped
Don't give up on the climbs
Stick to schedule through the day, eating, warm up, etc

I've fitted a compact chain set so that my new lowest inner ring will be 34t and ive put on a new 12-27 cassette

Dugast Rhinos on both bikes.


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  1. Just a thought, something I read about race goals (perhaps in Joe Friel's Bible), was that you should set yourself positive/affirmative goals, so never tell yourself not to do something (e.g. don't get lapped / don't give up). Not sure if it actually works but I find it just helps me have a better attitude and less nerves before the race, as it helps me focus on things I want to do rather than worrying about things I want to not happen.

  2. Agreed.

    Not don't get lapped but hold them off as long as I can
    Not don't give up on the climbs but attack them like a crazy thing - remember it's downhill once you get to the top!

    Best of luck.

    PS I have a couple of great photo's of you and the ViCiOUS crew from Sunday's supercross. I'll let you know when I've stuck them on flickr.

  3. Captain - you make an extremely valid point. When I started riding cyclo cross or I started riding national level for the first time. My out look was positive and progressive. It has switched and I must go back to that outlook.
    Funnily enough I wrote a paper at uni about goal setting and I think I got 80% on it, I should really dig that back up and stop being a whiner!