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Throwback CX build

By  CJ Boom     12:20     
Just had my original 2005 Condor Baracchi cross bike resprayed. Went wacky and chose gloss black with white logos, mental!

Rebuilding it as my training bike and keeping the Terra-X models locked away for racing and special.

What a difference 5 years makes. These days the Terra-X internal cables are way better, geometry is improved and the all alloy frame is far far lighter than bonding a carbon rear end in plus there is so much clearance on the Terra-X that you could get a bus through most of those gaps. That is where one's priority should lie, space.
Forget carbon frames & bling, when buying a new CX frame check for things like the clearance especially at the chain stay vs. chainring and internal cables.

But if you see me out on this and I beat you, well you weren't trying hard enough.

Finally, I have found a used for my 125mm Track Stem.


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