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Plans on paper

By  CJ Boom     16:59     
August 2013

I love making schedules and plans and lists.
Someone in Rouleur said 'just as lists are the unimaginative person's paragraphs, weather descriptions are the lazy writer's crutch.'

But I find them motivating. A list of things to do has ensured I wasn't in a portaloo when being called to the start grid in a National series race.

I like to make calendars too, it probably is more of a journal but I don't really write at length after a ride.

Tom Southam says that riders journals begin in the winter and provide structure of the year. "For most bike riders this is all clearly mapped, plotted and recorded for posterity, in notebooks, in journals, on wall charts and more recently in the electronic seas of the World Wide Web. 

I enjoy the quite ease of writing something down and seeing my next few weeks laid out. Rather than fussing around with a web page, ipad calendar, checking into Strava. I think it requires more of your time.

My calendar is vital if I don't plan ahead, I can't progress and I there is no way I could keep track of it all in my head, I don't think anyone can have the mental capacity to do that, we'll maybe Rain Man.

I like the feel of holding my enthusiasm for the coming months of racing in a book and carrying it around and slowly messing up the pages, accidentally staining them pages with mud or dirty prints when I've sat down after a ride to write in it.
2012 November Schedule

Just completed my plan until the end of September 2013. There aren't really many races on so its all just base work really. A reminder that on an evening CX to stop and do 8 flat out sprints for 45 seconds, replicating a start. 

I went for a small field notes set of pads last year but this year I found a ring bound Books landscape pad. Seems easier seeing as I usually have to redraw the calendar even before the month has ended because Ive scribbled all over the boxes.
Then I'll highlight in a colour code system that I'll forget what it means after a few days.

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