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Available for purchase on a flight over the Atlantic

By  CJ Boom     13:34     
The most amazing thing about this, is that it’s real. It’s not a joke. Nor a piece of fiction. It’s true. For real.

Yes. The entire list below are items that was available for purchase on a flight over the Atlantic. Unfortunately I don’t remember if it was with United or American Airlines, so I can’t give credit. But it was one of them.

The indoor dog restroom
The voice activated R2-D2
The world’s largest writen-on map mural
The tabletop photo studio
The preserve your memories slide and negative converter
The all-in-one child air travel seat
The only stainless steel wallet
The remote controlled manta ray
The LP and casset to CD recorder stereo system
The “keep your distance” bug vacuum
The configurable pet gate
The rolling on and laptop bag
The motion tracking web camera
The easy iPod media sharer
The always fresh pet drinking fountain
The arcade legends full size 100 game system
The home floor scrubber/polisher
The world’s largest crossword puzzle
The versatile console to card to dinner table
The androscoggin sheepskin skippers
The peaceful progression wake up click
The original sleep sound generator
The precise-portion pet feeder
The pet ramp and staircase
The one touch any media iPod uploaded
The genuine Turkish bathrobe
The genuine Turkish towels
The physical therapist’s hot/cold wraps
The superior comfort bed lounger
The hard surface floor dream cleaner
The airport friendly laptop bag
The marshmallow shooter
The shirtpocket underwater camcorder
The configurable outdoor/indoor pen
The upside down tomato garden
The wireless speakers iPod dock
The only swiveling and reclining deck chair
The adjustable feline scratching platform
The no blind spot rear view mirror
The star wars battleship game
The closet organizing trouser rack
The wireless remote controlled pan and tilt surveillance camera
The 14 gallon no spill portable gas pump
The best garment steamer
The only digital camera swim mask
The solar insect zappers
The portable touchscreen video poker game
The museum precious metal cleaning plate
The insect repellent hat
The million germ eliminating travel toothbrush sanitizer
The one step DVD/CD duplicator
The pet owner’s robotic vacuum
The trestle patio table and stow away chairs
The three suit rolling garment case
The birdwatcher’s motion activated camera
The harbor mountain welded steel log crib with cover
The portable hammock
The natural attractant mosquito trap
The 150 country travel adapter
The preserve your memories photograph converter
The voice interactive alarm clock

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