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Not just a pretty face

By  CJ Boom     13:51     
After some discussion with Curley and TC. We've worked out who's not just got the legs. I'm racing the Chesire Classic at the weekend and catching a lift with Rachel after her flight back from Majorca. So that's plenty of hours to discuss the faces of the pro peloton.

Curles has a definate soft spot for the mighty Thor Husvord but he's one man. The rest of his team have faces for radio.
Our hot list started to ramble on but we definately agreed on...
Damien Cunego (Lampre),
Iljo Keisse (6 Day legend),
Spartucus - can't disagree with those legs (but only with his helmet on, his mop lets him down)
Heinrich Haussler - (Cervelo)
Lance - Curles reckons he's ok, I'm not so sure?
She backed up her suggestion with this video though... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDawlrIeaVM

Sad thing is - these little pedallers are all foreign. Where are the Brits or even a British team. HOLD UP. think again Rapha Condor Sharp, now those lads are definatley bringing home the bacon.


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