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The End is Near - Cut out the Cake

By  CJ Boom     15:52     
Move over cakes. Well, not quite, I love a good sponge. But we've realised its no way forward for a pro. In fact whilst it was helping us train, it might have become an addiction that just went too far. Thank god it was cake and not crack. I think I've got one of those addictive personalities.
2010 was the year Rapha Condor girls did cake. And it culminated in a 4 page spread in cycling weekly. BOOM.

We've set ourselves some rules re cake to ween ourselves off it
Cake can't be eaten without reason related to cycling
Cake can be eaten following a substantial ride or race
Cake shouldn't stop rides, ride first, cake to finish, at least 1 hour of riding before cake could be considered.
Good race performance warrants cake -
Exception - not if you sat in and did nothing then sprinted at the end
Supermarket cakes are not acceptable
No cake until Wednesday

a. someones baked at home and brought it in - but only 1 slice/cupcake - you cant go back for seconds
b. its a birthday and someone brought in something
c. It is a once in a lifetime chance - Gordan Ramsay just walked in with a Victoria.

There is one more cake ride to follow in the south, roughly November time. Then we'll wave goodbye.
Its been great knowing the bakey goodness

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  1. Shocked at you Boom! Didn't you realise cake is full of vitamins and nutrients essential for competitive cyclists ... at least that what I told the group as we tucked into a rather good almond and honey slice on today's cafe stop.

  2. Ha hA! Cake will never go, just eating it everyday is perhaps not wise, so me and Curley have put some rules in place. Cake after a ride is a must but I ride to work and it takes 30 mins so therefore I could eat it, so we set up some guidelines.

    Don't you worry, something better is coming. Just typing it up at the moment