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I got cross

By  CJ Boom     13:31     
What the hell happened there then. Well I'll tell you, I got complacent. That's what! Finished 2nd in the Eastern League at the weekend.
I opted for Eastern because after my double cross race weekend, Eastern was the race on the Saturday and I decided its a really well run league, fun with really nice people going. A photographer shows up too so I can look at pictures of myself the following week.

Why am I cross - well, here's how it goes. I have to start way back because I'm not a league member. Top lady starts 2nd row. I battle my way through but with 2 to go, I think I've got up to her. I ease off, NUMBER ONE RULE - never ease off. Keep going. Get to them and then smash past them.

So in the end I left myself one lap to catch and get past the leader. I didn't manage it because I then sat behind a few folk instead of shoutiung my way past. Final lap my time 7min.02 secs, winners lap 7min 17 secs.
I lost by 2 seconds.
Ok I didn't get gridded she completed her 1 lap 26 seconds faster than me because I got into a massive bottle neck but hey thats racing. I however did not race properly on 3 and 2 to go hence why I'm cross. Only at myself though.
And being eastern league I still won £20 for 2nd, still got a load of points, only drove for 30mins to the race not 2 hours to dover where the london league was being held.

What is pretty smart of the Eastern League is the Lap-O-Meter, you can compare yourself and you time per lap to all the other competitors. http://www.easterncross.org.uk/race10-11-6.htm

Oh yeh - then on the way home, I accidentally drove into someone, no harm done, no damage. PHEW

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  1. Fowlmead was cool, the same circuit as a few weeks back but pretty much in reverse.

    Love the idea about the lap-o-meter!

    Sorry you are cross.