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Glorious Mud

By  CJ Boom     18:15     
Right there is alot of stuff to pick up on.
I did a double cross weekend, Eastern League on the Saturday and then London League on the Sunday. Both races were a stark contrast to each other.
The first was grassy, sunny and dry the London League was painful. I think I wrote in an earlier blog that its dumb people referring to cyclo cross as Hell. Well I take it back it was. I coudn't count how many times I washed out, it was nasty and muddy (which I like) but the course was tricky lots of ups. I finished 1st on Sat and then 40 secs off the pace on Sunday and in the runner up spot.

Very much enjoyed the Eastern League, neither race I made easy for myself. I fell off my bike through complete error in the start had to chase rather hard to get back to the front of the field from dead last.
On Sunday I made so many mistakes on the course when I was in the wrong gear and had to come to a dead hault. You learn this stuff. It was the first race where I properly had to spend an hour cleaning the bike. I hate it when you put it away in the garage then the next day, you notice its still a pile of filth.

So the cycle show rolled around and I worked from 6am till 11pm every night. It was hard, my feet and legs gave up so by the time of the National Trophy they didn't really want to work anymore. They wouldn't carry me up the climb. I finished 2nd from last and I didn't like it one bit.
But that feeling of being last and pity for you is a bitch. So then the following week I wanted to ride my heart out but I decided not to. I just needed a rest so I did. I feel better for it.

Next up is Muddy Hell then National Trophy at Ipwich the following day.


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  1. Wow, well done for the two cross results :)
    Liking the second photo ... although the little guy you were giving a piggy back to must have slowed ya down a bit!